Hemp Lotion & Where to buy in India?

Hemp Lotion & Where to buy in India?

Wild Hemp CBD Lotion Hempivate

Hempivate is happy to announce the launch of four new exciting supplements that would provide you long lasting relief and many skin benefits. These products does not contain any psychoactive substance.


  1. Wild Hemp Lotion with Copaiba (Timberlands) : contains hemp extract and Copaiba essential oils resulting in digestive health. Also the timberland flavour is naturally hygroscopic resulting long durability keeping it safe from any fungal attack. 
  2. Wild Hemp Lotion with Copaiba (Sweet Blush) : has an amazing aroma helping you relax with a sweet blush smell.
  3. CBD Lotion with Copaiba (Unscented): this product is best for those who have acne and sore muscles. The hemp extract and essential oils are mixed together  & can be applied to get effective skin benefits. 
  4. Wild Hemp Copaiba Roller: this is a life hack for those who have post-exercise aches. Copaiba helps providing wound relief and the menthol crystals gives you a fresh feel instantly. 
  5. Moisturizing Cream: a solution to relax after a tiring day, contains Olea Europaea Oil that helps in penetration of the skin and providing the highest hydration with a relaxing and soothing sensation.  

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