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The Benefits Of Using Hemp Made

Hemp over the recent years has seen a rise in popularity in terms of using it to create personal and utility based products. Termed as a “sustainable material” hemp requires a small amount of water to grow and replenishes soil nutrients that improves soil health. Today we’ll be diving into the benefits of using hemp made products and also recommend a few that you can try out yourself! 


In terms of multiple benefits hemp fiber has the flexibility to be used as the main raw material for producing products such as T-shirts, bags, footwear, accessories etc. Speaking of hemp based apparel, they provide perfect insulation to keep your body cool and comfortable on a hot summer day, they contain anti-radiation and anti-bacterial properties. 

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In this current heatwave, hemp based apparel seems to be quite beneficial to opt for. Check out our collection of hemp footwear that are perfect to wear this summer by clicking  here. 

Environmentally Friendly:

As discussed earlier hemp doesn’t require a ton of natural resources to grow and cultivate. Requiring little water to grow, hemp uses 4x less water than regular cotton crops. Hemp as a plant is naturally resistant to diseases hence the use of pesticides, chemicals and herbicides doesn’t fall into the equation. 
Hemp traps carbon at a significantly higher rate than forest which can then be converted into biomass. 

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If you’re looking to switch over to more sustainable environment friendly accessories, be sure to check out our hemp bag collection  here. 

Hemp Fiber Clothes - Bags - Flip Flops - Canna Sliders | Hempivate

Nutritional Care: 

Hemp based health and wellness products are being recognized as an alternative option to chemically processed beauty and health products that are dominant in the mainstream market. From nutrition to body care you now have the option to choose to treat your body to the many benefits of hemp. 

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Our Newly Launched Hempivate’s CBD gummies provide your body with essential nutrients required to function and provide energy to your body. 

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For the ones looking to gain a physical benefit from hemp, you can choose to switch from your standard protein powder to hemp protein powder that promotes the growth and maintenance of your body’s muscle mass is a plant based protein so great for vegetarians and vegans.

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Personal Care: 

Talking about personal care, hemp based skin oils, shampoos and soaps are gaining popularity due to the concentration of natural ingredients favored over chemicals and additives. On collagen scale hemp seed oil is at 0 which means it will not be blocking your pores unlike other oil based products. It hydrates the skin heavily without clogging which is great if you have oily or combination skin.

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If you're looking for a hemp skincare routine, which is organic, vegan and chemical free check out our hemp body care collection here.  

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Pet Care: 

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Pet owners go all out when it comes to caring for their diet and entertainment. In recent years, pet owners have also started using hemp products that provide the same wonderful benefits to animals as they do to humans. 
From pain relieving oils to hemp infused treats your pet gets to enjoy the wonders of hemp with you! 

Cannavedic Pet Hemp Seed Oil | HempivateCure By Design Hemp Seed Oil | Hempivate
To conclude, hemp is beneficial in a way which is expansive and not restricted to a certain vertical. Making the switch might be a bit difficult in the start but when you start discovering these benefits by yourself, you’ll be wondering why you didn't use hemp based products before! 

Are there any benefits we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below. 

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