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Female Cannapreneurs Of Today

For entrepreneurs seeking for the next big thing, now is the moment. Rapidly gaining legalized status in states throughout the country, and the future of cannabis appears to be greener.

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The notion that sex sells is ubiquitous in any market; nevertheless, the marijuana industry has long been dominated by men and may be blatantly sexist, especially in underground pot trade. There have been a number of articles published in the last six months about how female entrepreneurs are able to rise in the cannabis industry in ways that they have not been able to do in more established realms of corporate world. Women held 36% of executive-level positions in marijuana companies in 2015, compared to 22% in other industries.

There has been a significant shift in the gender distribution of cannabis consumption;

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Men have traditionally been the most sought-after cannabis consumer demographic, but they are quickly losing ground to younger women. According to a recent Headset report, Gen Z women are the fastest-growing legal cannabis consumers, with sales increasing by 151 percent year over year. As more female consumers become involved in the industry, companies must reconsider their product R&D and marketing strategies in order to better serve the needs of this demographic.

Here Are the Women in the Game Who Are Taking the Lead:

Loveena Sirohi Kamath 

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Co-founder of India hemp organics. 

The journey of IHO dates back to a personal story. She was involved in a serious car accident in late 2017. Rohit, the co-founder and her husband, comes from a medical family. When one sees their loved ones in pain, they are willing to go to great lengths to help them get better.

Her loved ones began researching and exploring alternative solutions to aid with her healing and recovery while avoiding the numerous side effects associated with allopathic medication. Cannabis, the miracle herb, was discovered as a result of the research. That could have been the end of their journey, but it was only the beginning of something bigger.

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Deepti Vats

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The director and founder of Cannabryl 

Deepti is Cannabryl's director, founder, and chief formulator. She has been studying Ayurveda for nearly 20 years and has patented all of her formulations. Consumers are most familiar with their full spectrum raw cannabis extracts and tinctures. They are moving forward and attempting to get cannabis-based medication into general hospitals and cancer treatment facilities so that more people are aware of this great alternative.

Jayanti Bhattacharya 

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Co-Founder - India Hemp and Co

You've probably heard of her because she was one of the few people on Shark Tank India who represented hemp-based products. Shalini Bhattacharya was crippled by chronic backpain in 2017 when she was working in Spain. Shalini researched various alternative pain management therapies, and that’s when she stumbled upon CBD.

The duo set up India Hemp & Co in 2019 to bring hemp products from the foothills of the Himalayas to the rest of the country. With two times the growth in the lockdown (April-June) quarter and increased B2B demand, she is only at the beginning of her journey.

Deepika Sharma

 Deepika Sharma - Hempstrol Global - Hempivate

She has a master's degree in journalism and mass communication and founded Hempstrol to spread the benefits of hemp throughout India and the world. Deepika launched her first product, Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil, a blend of Himalayan Hemp Seed Oil and Himalayan Lavender Oil now she has a wide range of CBD Oils and tinctures, Hempstrol's pet care range is also quite trusted. She said this in an interview with HerStory

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Beth Stavola 

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She is the Ex - Chief Strategy Officer and Director of iAnthus Capital Holdings, a cannabis company that is listed in both Canada and the United States, raising the majority of its funds in Canada and investing in cannabis businesses in the United States. It ranks among the top marijuana companies in the world, with a market cap of more than $600 million. 

In an exclusive interview with Forbes, Stavola says she was frustrated by a role that ended up being much less hands-on than she intended when she joined first the company.  As the second-largest shareholder, she still has a vested interest in the future of iAnthus but explained, she feels it is time to start fresh and return to her entrepreneurial roots.

Bella Throne

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An American model, actress, writer, and singer. She has received numerous Awards, including an Imagen Award, a Shorty Award, a Teen Choice Award, and three Young Artist Awards. The line is made up of sun-grown cannabis grown in Santa Barbara as part of a collaboration with the Glass House Group.

Forbidden Flowers, which debuted in October 2019, offers eighth jars in sleek glass ombre packaging, as well as colorful pre-rolled joints. The lineup of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains at Forbidden Flowers is constantly changing. 

Kate Miller

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Kate Miller- Cofounder and CEO Of Miss Grass  the California-based e-commerce store for all things cannabis and CBD. In an interview with Refinery 29, she discusses how she grew Miss Grass from a Squarespace side hustle to one of the leading online platforms for cannabis enthusiasts. They create high-quality THC and CBD products that are specially formulated to make you feel just right and are perfectly sized, mini pre-rolled THC joints that come in three different effects-based blends.

Nidhi Lucky Handa 

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Nidhi Lucky Handa - Founder and CEO of LEUNE

A lifestyle brand based in California that was founded on the principle of radicalising the common narrative surrounding cannabis culture. Handa gained years of experience in luxury brand communications while living in Boston and New York prior to founding LEUNE in 2018. She then applied her business knowledge and brand marketing skills to celebrity talent management in Los Angeles.

As a woman of color, Handa has devoted her career to creating a cannabis brand that will not only disrupt the dispensary shelf, but will also raise industry standards for workplace culture, representation, and social equity. LEUNE is a California-born lifestyle brand founded on the principle of transcending cannabis culture's narrative.

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