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Quit Smoking ? Just Quit tobacco instead!

If you're a smoker, craving a cigarette with your morning tea isn’t all in your mind. Smoking causes a real physical addiction that can be tough to shake. Taming your cravings for nicotine is a huge part of quitting. 

Nicotine replacement is the best way to start, having plenty of alternatives is a good thing for smokers. Herbal smoking blends reduce the harm and taste good as well.

      herbal blend smoking - Hempivate

Choosing alternative herbal blends to smoke will ease the transition & you still will be opting for a healthier option.

  • Try another product if you’re not successful with the first one — or two.
  • Try combinations of products if you’re having intense cravings.

The more options you have, the better the chances are that you’ll quit nicotine for good. 

Listed below are some of the best products in the market that have been effective for many users, which you can give a shot to.

Tiger Terps 

Tiger terps is a patented blend made with marshmallows, liquorice, organic herbs with a unique terpene formulation that adds aroma & flavour. The blend is a smooth, easy to crush mix perfect to lose dependency on tobacco. It comes in Original Blendzesty Lemon Mint Flavour, feel the lemon zest flavour with every drag along with a cooling mint after taste. 

  • No Nicotine 
  • No Tobacco
  • No THC/CBD 
  • (10 G) Pack just for 499/-

        Tiger Terps- Hempivate

To roll quickly without any hassle getting a rolling machine might be a good idea. Check out how convenient it makes the whole process.   


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Enso Rush Botanical Blends 

A blend of sacred herbs and flowers that have medicinal properties. Just simply roll them up and smoke or you can use these herbs in your tea. Either way, this is the healthiest alternative to traditional tobacco. There are two options you can choose from 

 1. Super Haze - (239/-)

This blend is known to improve mood, promote feelings of relaxation, and boost memory. Made with Rose, Tulsi and Sage. 

                      Enso Rush - Hempivate

2. Purple Mist - (289/-)

This blend is known to reduce insomnia by aiding you to drift into a peaceful sleep and also helps in lowering agitation.Made with Sun-dried Lavender & Rose. 

                       Enso Rush Purple Mist - Hempivate


Organic Smokes Premium 

Another healthy alternative is Organic Smokes Premium Blend Powder, it is a tobacco free product that is used as a healthy alternative to smoking and can help in stopping the habit of smoking. It also contains antioxidant that are beneficial in detoxifying the body and relieving stress. Get it for 200/- at Slimjim, do checkout their tobacco substitute collection.

  • A spoon of blend powder can be brewed for 10 minutes in hot water as a tea, can be rebrewed 2 to 3 times
  • Roll into smoking paper and ignite to smoke


             organic smokes - premium blend - Hempivate


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Organic Smokes 

Organic Smokes is an Ayurvedic Smoking Therapy and is made with all the organic ingredients like the blend of Holy Basil, Camellia Sinensis, Rose petals, Mint leaves organically procured from the hills of Himalayas proportionally mixed and rolled into Virgin Paper tipped with a cotton filter. 

They come in three varieties 

       Organic Smoke Herbal blend- hempivate

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Remember, quitting tobacco offers significant health benefits — no matter how long you’ve been smoking. To find more such products checkout our website.

Tells us how do you deal with your nicotine cravings! Comment below 

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