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CannaBlithe - Full Spectrum Tincture (4500MG - 30ML)

CannaBlithe - Full Spectrum Tincture (4500MG - 30ML)

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You require a prescription to purchase this product. Incase, you don't have one please click here.

Our full spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract includes pure doses of Cannabis plant which have naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD, CBG ,THC,THCA and others. When we are exposed to them, cannabinoids synergistically work with our body’s endocannabinoid system to promote and accelerate the process of natural healing in harmony.

Product Detail:
CannaBlithe oil 4500mg  (FULL SPECTRUM) is a 100% organic ayurvedic proprietary
medicine blended with MCT (coconut) oil for better absorption leading to faster relief.

Our product is effective for: 

  • Managing chronic, severe pain and inflammation,
  • Treating insomnia,
  • Eliminating digestive and gastric disorders (IBS),
  • PCOS & Endometriosis
  • Promoting gut health,
  • Suppressing side effects of chemotherapy(cancer),
  • Uplifting mood and improving mental health.
  • Enhanced Focus


  • Manage chronic to severe pain 
  • Eliminates gastric & digestive disorder
  • Suppresses effects of chemotherapy and cancer 
  • PCOS / Endometriosis
  • Insomnia, Anxiety & PTSD

Cannabis Leaf Extract     15%  (4500MG)
Coconut extract (MCT)    80%
Natural Mint Flavor            5%

Cannabis Leaf Extract     15%  (2250MG)
Coconut extract (MCT)    85%

Dosage: Each drop of CannaBlithe oil contains 5 MG of CBD oil.
- The recommended dosage for those who are beginning to use CBD oil is 20-30 mg
(4-6) drops for mild to chronic symptoms. We strongly advise consultation with
medical professionals for more accurate dosage information.
- Always start with low doses and increase gradually, or as recommended by a medical
- It might cause entourage & euphoric effects on higher doses. So, consult with your doctor for the accurate dosing. 

Average treatment period -60 days.

Note – CannaBlithe oil is an ayurvedic medicine, to be taken only under medical

For new users, the order will be dispatched once we have verified your prescription. The
order will be cancelled if the prescription is deemed invalid.


  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep away from sunlight.
  • Keep out of the reach of children(use childproof dropper provided)

Precaution / Warning 

  • Allergy Warning: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this product, stop using it immediately. (For more information, see the label insert)
  • Usage of cannabinoid-based medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not advisable.
  • Heart Disease – Cannabinoids can affect blood pressure by either lowering or increasing it. It is advisable to consult a doctor if you have any underlying history of heart disease or medical illness.
  • Liver Disease - Unlike. healthier patients, people with liver diseases should have lower doses of CBD oil or consult medical professionals before taking the medication.
  • Recent Surgery – Not advised for those who have recently undergone surgery.
  • Should not be  mixed  with other antidepressants.           
  • Discontinue the use immediately in case of any adverse reaction.



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