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Ananta - Cannaease VJ Vati Capsules (75mg)

Ananta - Cannaease VJ Vati Capsules (75mg)

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Doctors prescription is required to buy this product, incase you don’t have one book a consultation with our in-house doctors. Click here to book now. 

CannaEase VJ Vati 75 (Capsules) are made using the extract from the leaf Of Hemp (Vijaya) plant and Hemp seed powder.
Each capsule contains 75mg of Extract and 425mg hemp seed powder.



SHELF LIFE : 12 Months 

This capsule is used for managing pain, anxiety, sleep. It works as an anti depressant, has anti inflammatory effects, helps to fight epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease.

Anxiety Most common Lifestyle Disorder is anxiety and this product can help reduce it CannaEase -VJ Vati 75 (Capsules) once taken leads to a relaxed mind reducing stress in the body as well.

Epilepsy Seizures cause uncontrolled physical movement in the body CannaEase -VJ Vati 75 (Capsules) when taken can visibility help reduce the frequency and severity Of seizures.

Inflammation, pain and arthritis Strenuous physical exercise and over-exertion can sometimes lead to chronic pain. If ignored, it leads to inflammation and severe pain.

Long-term inflammation causes arthritis and other muscle related issues which becomes a life long problem requiring multiple medical procedures.

CannaEase -VJ Vati 75 (Capsules) reduces inflammation and works effectively against any kind of muscle and joint pain caused by physical injuries and most importantly, even arthritis.

Insomnia Another lifestyle disorder which is insomnia wherein one struggles with sleep deprivation.

CannaEase -VJ Vati 75 (Capsules) helps in regulating the sleep cycle to provide a peaceful and calming effect on the body that helps to naturally fix irregular sleep patterns.

Auto Immune Diseases All Auto Immune Diseases cause inflammation of muscles in some way or the other, CannaEase -VJ Vati 75 (Capsules) helps balance the immune system and reduces inflammation across the human body, giving the patient relief from pain and discomfort and helps manage all kinds of muscle and nerve related pains. Also balances immune system, contains anti depressant properties.

With certain ailments like cancer, the patient, unfortunately, has to face many kinds of side effects, one such being nausea, By taking this product, one can not only have reduced symptoms of nausea but also overcome chronic pain thereby giving you a sense of calm.

Assist with Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Anti convulsant, spasmodic, Migraine, Hydrophobia, Senile Insomnia.

Doctor prescribing this medicine can also prescribe this medicine for diseases other than the ones mentioned above at his own discretion 



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