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Cure By Design

Cure By Design - Avocado & Hemp Seed Oil Face Wash

Cure By Design - Avocado & Hemp Seed Oil Face Wash

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Oily skin? Kiss it goodbye! Cleanse your day away with the all-natural Avocado & Hemp Seed Oil Face Wash, the ultimate daily face wash! Clear your skin off the dirt, oils, and impurities without drying, leaving ample moisture and an instant glow! 

Excessive oils cause sebum on your skin, which makes it prone to breakouts, pimples, and moles. It also obstructs pores and causes your skin to look clingy. But fret not, as our Avocado and Hemp Seed Oil Face Wash is for the rescue! 

This face wash penetrates deep to clean pores to help prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup. Avocado contains an abundance of antioxidants, omega-9, minerals, and vitamins C and E. These nutrients help boost the production of collagen, soothe inflammation, help acne scars and remove the old skin cells. 

Hemp seed oil is perfect for most skin types, as it moisturizes without clogging your pores. It helps balance oily skin, hydrating it and regulating the skin's oil production. It also moisturises and soothes inflammation. The Omega-6 fatty acids acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, while simultaneously encouraging.

Our Avocado & Hemp Seed Oil Face Wash can give you healthier, clearer, and flawless skin with each wash! 

Main Ingredients

Hemp Seed Oil & Avocado Extract

Main Ingredients & Benefits

Avocado extracts benefits

*Soothes skin conditions.

*Prevents skin damage.

*Improves skin elasticity.

*Improves overall skin health.

*Prevents dry skin.

Hemp Seed Oil benefits



*Reduces risk of infection.

*Protecting nerve and brain cells.

*Reduce acne.

*Supports regeneration.

*Prevents aging.

*Reducing skin dullness and improving skin brightness.



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