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Olive Oil and Hemp Shampoo

Olive Oil and Hemp Shampoo

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Why Hemp-based Shampoos are the best for your hair?

  1. The zinc your hair receives from hemp shampoo can help prevent zinc deficiency, a common factor in hair loss.
  2. Omega fatty acids in Hemp shampoo help to minimizes the water loss, improving its ability to act as a natural moisturizer.
  3. The moisturizing benefits also apply to your scalp, meaning there’s less of a chance of dandruff and irritation that can result from dryness.

How to use?

Take a small amount of the shampoo, mix it with water and apply on your already wet hair, and massage on your hair till absorbed. Massage through your scalp for a better result.

Benefits of Olive Oil and Hemp Shampoo:

  1. Olive oil and Hemp shampoo provide the perfect combination your scalp needs to combat dandruff.
  2. This shampoo can add a touch of moisture and weight to your hair, and it also prevents split ends from occurring.
  3. Rich with multiple vitamins that lock the keratin in your hair, in order to make your hair grow stronger and shinier.
  4. One of the biggest reasons for hair loss is the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Regular use of Olive oil and Hemp shampoo aids in blocking the DHT and thereby reduces hair fall.
  5. Since olive oil and hemp prevents dryness, it also helps keep your hair thick and voluminous by reducing breakage.


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