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Oreka CBD

Oreka - Replenish Facial CBD Oil

Oreka - Replenish Facial CBD Oil

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Replenish daily facial CBD oil for acne prone & dry skin. 

Made suitable for acne-prone & dry skin, our Daily Facial oil is the modern day solution to help your high-paced & on the go lifestyle. 

The enriching blend of Cannabis Leaf extract, Cannabis Seed oil, Olive oil, and Nutmeg oil creates the perfect hydrating and vitamin packed formula for reviving and soothing the skin against acne, dryness and inflammation as a result of pollution and stress. 

Feels right at home on your skin, leaving it happy, hydrated and glowing.

Why choose REPLENISH?

⦿ Cannabis Leaf extract is the winning ingredient that helps combat acne & inflammation to give you clear skin.
⦿ Cannabis Seed oil has the perfect PH-balancing properties.
⦿ Rich in vitamins & minerals, Hemp Seed oil also nourishes & moisturizes your skin, leaving it smooth & supple.
⦿ Olive oil acts as an excellent antioxidant, and helps soothe skin rashes. It also helps minimise scars. 

How to Apply?

Apply a small amount of Oreka Daily Facial oil to the face AM or PM after washing your face and patting it dry.
1. Take 2-3 drops of Oreka Daily Facial oil on your palm
2. Apply the oil from your palm to your face
3. Gently massage into the skin and leave until fully absorbed



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