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Andyou - Vibe&U Mood Gummies (200MG CBD)

Andyou - Vibe&U Mood Gummies (200MG CBD)

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Andyou - Vibe&U Mood Upliftment Gummies

While just the sight of our gummies are sure to uplift your mood, we've gone ahead and added some terpenes to the equation. Whether you've had a tough day at work or just need a bit of a lift-me-up, the Vibe&U Modd Uplifting gummies will help
you relax and throw that negativity away. It's meditation in a bottle. #PositiveVibesOnly

Each pack contains 10 gummies with orange flavors.

Each gummy contains 20mg CBD with terpenes for Good Vibes.


  • One gummy, pop and let it dissolve slowly in your mouth. Pop another after that if needed. No risk of overdose but dosage should be increased gradually.Effects from terpenes begin immediately.
  • Effects from CBD begin within 30 - 45 minutes and last up to 7 hours.
  • This product offers a controlled and gradual release of CBD. Can be consumed multiple times, as and when needed.


  • Natural and Effective: A natural and clean source of relief is guaranteed by CBD. It aids in mood regulation, stress reduction, and pain management by interacting harmoniously with your body's endocannabinoid system.
  • Holistic Approach: In addition to treating physical pain, our oral spray also deals with the psychological components. In terms of fostering a sense of calm, enhancing the quality of sleep, and boosting wellness, CBD has demonstrated encouraging benefits.
  • Pain Relief: Whenever you need it, you may get quick relief with our natural oral spray. No more enduring the side effects of conventional drugs or waiting for tablets to take effect. With just a quick spritz, you can start feeling better.Relief&U Spray provides permanent relief from persistent lifestyle-related pain such as gym workouts, old age pains, office work related pains. But that's not all. When severe symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and chronic anxiety occur, Relief&U spray can serve as a powerful ally. This powerful CBD spray delivers the high dose you need for relief in difficult moments.
  • Safe and Non-Addictive: Our CBD oral spray has a low risk of dependence and is non-addictive, unlike many prescription alternatives. Using our product will provide you with the assurance that you are choosing a natural course of action for your health.
  • Personalized Approach: We are aware that each person's journey is distinctive. With the exact dosing capabilities of our CBD oral spray, you can personalize your experience and determine the ideal dosage that is most effective for you.


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