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Cannaking - Full Spectrum Vijaya Extract, 5000 mg, 1:1 CBD: THC

Cannaking - Full Spectrum Vijaya Extract, 5000 mg, 1:1 CBD: THC

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Experience balanced relief with Poise 1:1, a potent blend of THC and CBD. This versatile formula tackles a wide range of conditions, from easing multiple sclerosis spasticity and chronic pain to supporting cancer treatments. Its unique 1:1 ratio harnesses the best of both cannabinoids: THC and CBD. 


  • Manages Muscle Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis: THC and CBD work together to ease muscle stiffness and spasms, improving mobility and comfort.

  • Alleviates Chronic Pain: Effective for pain associated with autoimmune conditions like fibromyalgia, RA, and neuropathic pain.

  • Reduces Chemotherapy Side Effects: THC, a psychoactive compound, may help in managing nausea, vomiting, and other side effects of cancer treatment.

  • Potentially Slows Alzheimer's Development: Anti-inflammatories in Vijaya cannabinoids may help protect brain health by slowing the development of Alzheimer’s disease by also promoting neuroplasticity, helping with early signs of dementia.

  • Improves Insomnia: CBD promotes both falling asleep and staying asleep, while THC reduces REM sleep, leading to deeper rest.

  • Eases Depression: Endocannabinoids in cannabis can help stabilize mood and alleviate symptoms of depression.

  • Supports Parkinson's Disease Management: May improve tremors and other symptoms.

  • Manages PTSD Symptoms: Helps regulate the fight-or-flight response, potentially easing symptoms.

  • Treats Glaucoma: Reduces eye pressure and improves vision.


  • 100% Vijaya (Cannabis sativa L.) leaf extract. (1:1 CBD:THC)

How to use- 

Open the cap of the mouth of the syringe, then push the back of the syringe to remove the prescribed quantity.


Recommended for Night time usage

Caution & Safety Precautions:

  • This is a prescription-only medicine, to be taken under medical supervision.

  • Please follow the dose prescribed by your doctor


- Items are shipped from Mumbai, India

- 1 to 3 days delivery across India

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