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Noigra - Cannasure Kameshwara Modaka

Noigra - Cannasure Kameshwara Modaka

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30 Tabs/ Jar


Kameshwar Modaka’ as the name suggests, is a highly potent and time tested herbal formulation for increasing human performance, stamina, and endurance.
The reliance of Ayurvedic physicians on this formulation that has the wonder herb of ‘Bhanga’ or ‘Cannabis’ makes it a drug of choice to re-energize the sexual life of their health seekers Other than acting as an anti-ageing and aphrodisiac, the herbs used in it help in muscles strength that make it a drug of choice for the bodybuilders and athletes.



Loss of  Vigor

Loss of libido

General Weakness

Low Muscle Strength

Long Term Debility

Low Stamina

Severe Acute Diarrhoea

Low Endurance & Performance

Premature ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction




Each 750mg Tablet of ‘Cannasure Kameshwara Modaka’ contains

Vijaya 34%

& 45 other ingredients - 66%

Excipients QS


Dosage for Adults

1 to 2 Tablets/ Day or as directed by the physician



Cow’s Milk/Cow’s Ghee or after adding 1 Tsf cow’s ghee in cow milk.


Route of Administration



Side effects and Contradictions

Usually safe for all but in some cases, it can cause dryness of mouth, so the physician must advise medicine/remedies to counter the same. In very high dosages can bring sedation, increased heart beat and nausea.



Schedule E-1 drug. To be taken strictly under medical supervision.



Store in a cool and dry place, away from sun light. Advisable storage temperature is 7 C* to 30 C*
Keep out of reach of children
Protect from Direct sun light, Heat, Light and Moisture Over dosage may bring sedation effect.




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