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Qurist - Pet CBD Oil

Qurist - Pet CBD Oil

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A Doctor's prescription is required to purchase the following product. 

Only the best for your furry friends. Our Pet CBD Oil is made using a human grade broad spectrum extract that eliminates any trace of THC. Natural chicken oil base. 100% THC FREE. Potency- 450mg/30 ml

How to use :
With meals - you can add the oil from the dropper into the food bowl and mix it with regular food. Start with a small dose and increase gradually according to your pet’s needs. Your pet will like our CBD oil as it contains a dog and cat-friendly Natural Chicken Oil. with pet treats
With treats - You can add the required dosage of CBD oil onto a porous pet treat for maximum absorption and then give
it to your pet. Your pet will love treat time and won't
even notice the CBD addition to their routine.
Homemade CBD-infused treats - You can bake your pet homemade treats infused with CBD oil. Simply add the CBD oil to your regular recipe. Keep in mind that high temperatures can reduce the potency of CBD.
Topical usage -
You can apply the oil directly to your pet’s skin and
coat. This is an efficient and practical method that can
help with localized pain and improve the skin and fur

RELIEVES PAiN - Pets experience body pain and the cause for this can be numerous factors such as surgery, fractures, age, arthritis, etc. When used consistently, CBD oil can reduce pain and help in treating chronic diseases effectively. It also enhances the immune system’s response to a variety of physiological issues.
AIDS BONE & JOINT HEALTH - With growing age, our pets have to face their greatest nemesis, arthritic pain. CBD oil is equally potent when it comes to treating senior pets inflicted with arthritis. Since some breeds are predisposed to arthritic pain, massage and consumption of CBD oil can have a positive effect on their bone and joint health and make them more active.
REDUCES ANXIETY - Just like us, our pets also face bouts of anxiety. Thunderstorms, separation, or car anxiety can have an impact on their health. In extreme cases, pets might try to run away or jump out of the window. Regular usage of CBD has shown promising results for treating anxiety in pets. A dose of CBD will help your pet calm down within 15 to 40 minutes
SEIZURE MANAGEMENT - CBD has been shown to help with epilepsy in pets by lowering the frequency of seizures when used in combination with traditional antiseizure medications.
HEALTHY SKIN & COAT - The skin is the largest organ and needs care on a daily basis. Lack of nutrition, skin allergies, or ticks can wreak havoc on your pet’s skin and coat. Topical or oral administration of CBD oil has shown promising results in improving skin and fur texture.


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